Byobu are screens with hinges.  They are often painted and placed on the floor to add decoration to traditional Japanese rooms.  They also make a grand display on a wall when mounted flat, the typical size being 188cm x 173cm.  A few of them can be connected to each other to create a drama on a wall.  The designs are traditionally based on classical themes such as famous battles or nature but Biden presents byobu with a difference; Kosode byobu have a kimono directly mounted on a screen.  The mounting technique is superb and a wide range of bespoke design services are available. 

Kimono Screen with the 19th century antique kimono on silver leaf background installation


2 panel screen small : 90cm w x 90cm h x 2.5cm d    RRP £1,659.00

2 panel screen medium : 144cm w x 153cm h x 2.5cm d RRP 8.301.00

2 panel screen large : 178cm w x 173cm h x 2.5cm d RRP9,123.00

6 panel screen medium : 276cm w x 130cm h x 2.5cm d RRP12,450.00

6 panel screen large : 372cm w x 173cm h x 2.5cm d  RRP£15,270.00


All products are bespoke.  Kimono – Kimono can be supplied from the client or fabrics of traditional patterns can be supplied.  We are also happy to source kimono or obi sashes from antique kimono dealers or kimono suppliers.

Designs – There are various designs available derived from The Nomura collection where these pieces are originally from.

Frame – Mat or polished black , red, or brown Japanese lacquer.


All made to order.  POA.  Lead time is 6 weeks upon design and material approval.